What is Computer Programming?

I guess you have ever heard of such a thing before. It is not anything as complicated as some people may think. Basically, it is a method of giving instructions to computers on what they should be doing to perform a given task. The instructions that are fed into the computer, in this case, are called codes. Therefore, the codes can be fed into the computer to solve a given problem or even to perform a given task.


The language of coding may not be understood by somebody without training. But if one can figure out when to train a dog, I’m sure you can learn coding as well. If you have ever used computer software like the Microsoft office, you may wonder how wise your computer is in solving your problems. There is definitely somebody who was part of the success you are enjoying today. That is the computer programmer who worked on that program. A program is, therefore, a set of instructions fed on the computer to direct it on what to do so that you can get the results you want.


Computer programmers, therefore, have some tasks to accomplish in case they need to program your computer. The first one is to find out the problem with your computer or the need for programming at that given moment. After this, they go ahead to plan for the solution. Based on a given code, they can know what they should do to get a solution to the problem or the need.


Having the idea of what should be done, they then code the program, meaning giving instructions to the computer. This is followed by testing if the program can work. If it works, it is then documented. This means that the computer can now respond to the instruction every time it is fed with it. To become a productive programmer, you need to practice and train yourself far from the formal education. With lots of practice, you become used to the coding language hence can be able to excel.